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Making Work Flow

"Do or do not. There is no try" - Master Yoda.


How We Can Help You

Call us to get your team fully aligned on your vision, strategy and goals, and to ensure everyone has complete clarity on who is doing what. We are experts in strategy development and deployment.


Call us for your mission critical processes. Those that will enable you to reach your goals, to deliver on your promises, and maximize your customers’ experience. We engage the talents and experience of your people in co-creating processes that reliably deliver exceptional results.


Call us for your most complex and difficult processes. Those with very many intertwined steps, those that require complete buy-in from stakeholders with different ideas, and those that may involve contentious changes. We are experts in cross-functional collaboration and change management.


Call us after a merger or acquisition. Successfully harmonizing processes from the different companies is critical to transition time and integrating new employees into your culture. We will help you to get this done efficiently and also use the experience to build collaboration within your new organization.

What Clients Say

-Director, E2E Cell and Gene Supply Chain

"Eli is a true talent who has the insight and experience to quickly harmonize complex teams and challenges. Eli immediately made an impact by efficiently tackling team issues and directing the group in value-added exercises. Looking back, she stands out from others, specifically by conveying expert strategy and process improvements while simultaneously creating a sense of energy and motivation in team environments. We achieved more in a couple of sessions than with others that spanned months. I look forward to working with her again in the future."

-Senior Executive, Major Medical Company

"Your care in this process is evident and key to your value proposition. It feels like a real partnership where you care about the outcome, not a consultant drive-by with data dump and wave in the rearview mirror."

-Senior Manager, Operational Excellence

"We hired Eli to help us design and implement a Tier Management System in a very short period of time. She did an amazing job facilitating the conversation and helping us to focus on key objectives. If you are looking for a talented, capable person to help you with your Operational Excellence objectives, Eli is that person."

-Associate Director, Operational Excellence

"Eli was part of a fact-finding tour with the purpose of understanding our business and seeing the problems. She insisted on learning from walking, talking and asking and she collected more data and had a better understanding of the issues after one day than any other consultant. She was interested in the facts, curious about the exceptions and passionate about improvement."

-Vice President, Strategic Projects

"Eli’s energy and passion are contagious. She is a master facilitator and expert collaborator. It was an eye-opening experience. We achieved more on the first day than I thought we would in the whole week. This is a must investment for any organization needing to be successful in a new reality."

-Director, PhD. and Board-Certified Toxicologist

"Eli worked with our group to help us reinvent our operation. Her guidance was instrumental in getting us to truly understand our processes and how they could be improved. She truly became a member of our team in providing guidance not just on continuous improvement but also implementation and change management."

-Vice President, Fortune 500 Medical Company

"My experience was far better and more helpful than any of my prior ‘development’ opportunities. Usually just some self-help tools of little value, with no expert guidance or assistance. Your personal care is a key differentiator."

-Executive Director, Non-Profit

"Eli facilitated a session to on-board new members and lay the groundwork for the guidance the new Board of Directors will provide as we face the challenges of a large growth initiative. We had limited time and many desired outcomes. Eli guided our group with skillful facilitation and in real time adapted to the emergent needs of the group. With humor and effective group rules, Eli kept us on task with acute attention to the process and outcomes.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and all members felt engaged, connected and their time well utilized."

Making Work Flow

To make the world simpler, one process at a time.

How to create great meeting processes

“Meetings get a bad rap. This book brings meetings to a whole new level, introducing and explaining how they can become tools for transformational leadership and ways to engage employees for the greatest emotional connectedness and performance. It’s an excellent book and I highly recommend it.”

—Louis Carter
CEO, Best Practice Institute;

Author, In Great
Company: How to Spark Peak Performance by Creating an Emotionally Connected Workplace

This book also comes with 13 animated videos that demonstrate each of the meeting designs, so you can experience them in action before you try them for yourself.

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We can help you experience the magic of aligned and empowered teams that break silos, boost productivity 20%+, and launch products 25-45% faster.


Making Work Flow