Making Work Flow

Our Mission and Values

Helping busy medical technology teams create clear strategy, aligned priorities and great repeatable processes, so they can reduce uncertainty and increase collaboration by typically 50%.

We are accountable for delivering on the promises we make and ensuring you get reliable and exceptional results. This is so important to us that we guarantee to get the job done right the first time.


We do what is right for your company, for your customers, for our company and for society as a whole. We work with companies that share our values and passion for change, and act with integrity in everything that we do.


We innovate every day and continually challenge the status quo. We relentlessly ask “Why?” until we fully understand each process and how people interpret and interact with it. We never settle for anything less. There is always a better way, and together, we will co-create it.


We selflessly collaborate because we truly believe that we are better when we work together towards a common goal. We also believe that the people who understand your challenges most, are the ones who live them every day. When we harness this understanding and engage the talents and experience of your people in true collaboration, really great things happen.


We give back to our community through volunteering as SCORE mentors for local small business owners, and we also provide free training and a drop-in clinic at our local University. We believe that helping others is good for everyone.



Why the Japanese character ‘Ki’ in our logo?

Ki (or chi) means flow, and this is central to who we are. We make work flow.

We were very fortunate to study the continuous improvement philosophies of lean and six sigma in Japan many years ago and have been practicing ever since.

The ‘Ki’ in our logo comes from the Japanese Katakana character set, specifically reserved for foreign words or people.

Our Experience

Everything we do is grounded in theory. We draw from engineering, business management, continuous improvement, organizational dynamics and coaching – with master's level qualifications in each. Our work is in the practical application of theory and teaching the tools, analyzing complex issues and making work flow.


Our home is at the ‘Gemba’ – the Japanese term for ‘real place’ or where the work gets done, with the people who do it. We do not preach solutions from a vacuum. We have many years of experience leading transformation efforts that makes us hands on partners in the changes our client’s want to make.


We have been creating the best strategies, manufacturing and transactional business processes, and truly great teams for nearly 30 years.


Meet Eli

(Pronounced Ellie - everyone gets this wrong!)