Exceptional Results Guaranteed

  • Making Work Flow (Ki / Chi) is at the core of everything we do.
  • We are unique, bringing the ability to quickly understand complex strategy and technical processes, combined with a deep understanding of the human psychology that affects our ability to change.
  • We are connection and collaboration experts, engaging the collective strengths, wisdom and experience of our clients in their own transformations.
  • We deliver exceptional results and improved business performance EVERY time.
  • We work hard to provide our clients with tools, skills, and new ways of thinking so they continue to grow and succeed independently.
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Results of what we do

  • We have guided transformations delivering $1-2 million in cost savings from year 1.
  • We have enabled revenue increases of up to $2 million through increased efficiency.
  • We have identified cost savings of $25K - $100K in every single process event due to waste elimination.
  • We have reduced cycle times by 25 – 60%.
  • We have reduced backlogs of quality notifications by 80%.
  • We have reduced inventories by 30%.
  • We have increased meeting effectiveness by 80%.
  • We have increased team motivation and engagement by 50%.
  • We have reduced meeting costs by 25%.
  • We have increased clarity on processes by 65%.
  • We have increased clarity on roles and responsibilities by 50%.
  • We have reduced the amount of documentation required by 65%.
  • We have reduced the number of process errors by 25%.
  • We saved 2 entire organizations from failure preserving hundreds of people’s livelihoods.

Reach out to discover how what we do can help your reliably deliver exceptional results.

  • Most people we talk to have problems getting everyone in their team on the same page.
  • Sometimes this is because their strategy is not clearly articulated.
  • Sometimes this is because their team are not clear on who is responsible for which piece of the strategy.
  • And sometimes it is because the world around them is shifting so quickly, that priorities are ever changing and everything becomes the priority.


  • We design unique interventions to take the organization through the following steps:
    • Where is this organization right now?
    • Where does this organization want to be?
    • What is stopping them from getting there?
    • What are the next disruptions likely to be faced?
    • How is this organization going to proactively deal with these disruptions?
  • The results of these interventions are that teams create clear strategy, aligned priorities and great repeatable strategy development and deployment processes.
  • They reduce confusion and uncertainty and increase clarity by typically 50%.
  • Our clients also typically see 20% improvement in their productivity, or 25-45% improvement in their on-time delivery of products or projects.
  • Any series of steps and actions taken to reach a desired goal is a process.
  • From value creation to executive decision making, the quality of the process employed determines the likelihood of achieving the desired results.
  • A good process is stable, clear and predictable, and reliably leads to the desired results.
  • A bad process is full of assumptions, lacks clarity and probably also has a few 'Hail Mary' passes in it.


  • In order to create a good process, first we need to understand exactly what the desired results are, and what is (and is not) going on today in terms of the current process.
  • This is done by walking the process and its associated systems from end to end, at the ‘Gemba’ – with the people who are doing the work. The current reality is determined WITHOUT prejudice or preconceived solutions.
  • We carefully capture all the process steps; who does what, when, where and how, and all of the information that is needed to run the process along the way.
  • We then tell the complete story of the process in a visual way, by creating a process map (or in some cases a value stream map).
  • Every piece of data available is captured on the map and used to determine the baseline performance.
  • The process is then analyzed, problem solved and optimized, then a detailed action plan is developed to ensure the desired results are SUSTAINABLY realized.
  • This work is best done with a team of people who use the process or its outputs every day.
  • We capture their knowledge and ideas, work through all of their concerns, and incorporate all of these elements in the end result.
  • This ensures complete ownership (not just buy-in) from the beginning, by ALL stakeholders involved.
  • Everyone knows the way to get the most out of people is to have them working together in teams, harnessing the power of the collective whole.
  • What some people don't know is that people need to be trained to work as a team, and they need specific tools and skills to succeed.
  • Once a team has these tools their team processes become much more efficient and together, they can really flow.


  • The way we start is by gathering data to determine the baseline performance of any team. This can be via interviews, meeting and process observation, or using group process evaluation tools.
  • We then design unique interventions to deliver skills training and to build trust, which is the glue that holds the team together and makes everything else possible.
  • The results of these interventions are that teams connect and collaborate together, better than they could ever have imagined.
  • We also encourage and develop their creative thinking processes, so that they are navigating not only the current challenges, but also preparing for those that will be coming next.

Who we serve

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Workshops Just a sample of some of our more popular offerings

  • Kaizen events for a specific target process
  • Strategy development and deployment
  • Value stream mapping
  • Vision, mission and values development
  • Tier management and cascading of KPI's
  • Prioritization and resource planning
  • Team development and skills building
  • Change Management

4 DAY – Lean Six Sigma Training

Bespoke training designed to suit your individual needs

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