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Experienced Business Consultancy With a Unique Approach

We believe that humans are at their very best when in community, working together for the common good and having fun along the way. Sometimes, work or environment stress get in the way of this – or maybe people just don’t have the tools to solve problems together. Our purpose is to help people thrive together in community.

Why the Japanese character ‘Ki’ in our logo?

Ki (or chi) is all about flow, and is central to who we are. When working with our clients we are helping them to flow their processes, as individuals and as a team.

We embrace the continuous improvement philosophies of Lean and Six Sigma. Eli actually had the opportunity to learn these in Japan 25 years ago, and has been practicing ever since. The ‘Ki’ in our logo comes from the Japanese Katakana character set, specifically reserved for foreign words or people.


Our Experience

Everything we do is grounded in theory. We draw from engineering, business management, continuous improvement, organizational dynamics and coaching – with masters level qualifications in each. Our work is in the practical application of theory and teaching the tools, analyzing complex issues and making peoples’ lives easier.

Our home is at the ‘Gemba’ – the Japanese term for ‘real place’ or where the work gets done, with the people who do it. We do not preach solutions from a vacuum. We have many years of experience leading that makes us hands on partners in the changes our client’s want to make.

We have been leading and building passionate teams for more than 30 years.


Who We Serve

Amgen Pharmaceutical United States
Association for Talent Development Publishing United States
Becton Dickinson and Company Medical United States
Becton Dickinson Medical Europe
Brand Partnership Food United Kingdom
Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute Nonprofit United States
Co-Active Financial Services United States
CooperVision Medical United Kingdom
EnerSys Stored Energy United States
Family Lives On Foundation Nonprofit (Pro Bono) United States
Hawker Stored Energy United States
Koi-Fly Creative Productions Film Making United States
Martin Baker Aircraft Aerospace United Kingdom
Medtronic Medical United States
MTF Biologics Healthcare United States
Pfizer Pharmaceutical Europe
PSE&G Power United States
Pu'ukumu School Education United States
Stored Energy Concepts Stored Energy United States
Strategic Marketplace Initiative Medical / Healthcare United States
Terumo Healthcare United States
Wisdom Toothbrushes Personal Care United Kingdom

Results of Our Work

  • Over $8 million in total waste identified in one leading United States Pharmaceutical Company. Improvement projects delivered over $1 million to the bottom line.
  • Engagement of teams increased measurably on every project.
  • Many million Dollars/Pounds/Euros in savings delivered through process improvement and restructuring.
  • Saved 2 entire organizations from closure, preserving hundreds of peoples’ livelihoods.
  • People passionately working together in productive teams.